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  • What Is the Difference between Oak and Pine Wood?

    It is the typical dilemma for any homeowner. Many couples have stood dumbfounded in the furniture section of Ikea, scratching their heads over the differences between oak and pine. To the naked eye, these two different planks of wood may look and feel exactly the same, but there are many differences which can offer a number of benefits to your home depending on your needs.

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  • Reclaimed vs Recycled: What's the Difference and Which Is Better?


    A lot of words get thrown around these days to talk about old materials being used again; reclaimed, recycled, vintage, repurposed - is there really a difference, and if so, what? Cawarden are here to clear up some of the confusion between the terms, and to discuss the benefits of using reclaimed vs recycled materials in comparison to each other.

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  • 4 Amazing Examples of a Home Built from Reclaimed Materials

    More and more people are embracing reclaimed materials into their lives, adding home furnishings that they’ve salvaged or maybe even making their own pieces from what they can find. However, bonus points have to go to the people who have gone that one step further and have a home built from reclaimed materials. Continue reading

  • Interior Painting Tips: How to Avoid Making Common Painting Mistakes

    As tempting as it may be to dive into your glossy tub of paint with your shiny new paint brush, there are a number of things that should be considered to ensure that you avoid making common painting mistakes that could be detrimental to the entire decorating process.

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  • Interior Design Trends of 2017

    Before the turn of the new year, recycling and upcycling were poised to wholly take over the interior design world, with interior designers and fanatics alike praising earthy textures and aesthetics. Reclaimed materials were to remain a favourite interior trend of the public, encapsulating our ever-growing responsibility of utilising greener, more ethically-sourced building and project materials.

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  • The Upcycling Guide to: Spring Cleaning Your Home

    Spring is on its way! As the sun streams through your window, you may begin to notice areas that have been neglected by your duster over the past few months - giving you the perfect opportunity to pull those Marigolds up and get those bin bags out!

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  • Five Essential DIY Tools You’ll Need as a Beginner

    DIY may seem like an overwhelming concept if you’ve never considered making your own reclaimed furniture before; however, with the right tools and mindset, you can get creative and start your very own DIY project from the comfort of your own home.

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  • Unconventional Uses for Reclaimed Wood

    Reclaimed wood is a fantastic material to use in many interior projects; it is durable; hard-wearing; and compliments a vast array of property designs.

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  • Cawarden’s Guide to Lesser-Known Reclaimed Materials

    Here at Cawarden Brick & Tile Company, we believe there are a myriad of reasons as to why reclaimed materials are the perfect building supplies for a variety of construction projects. Reclaimed bricks, roof tiles, and timber are very popular choices with many of our customers, however, there are a variety of other reclaimed materials that would work perfectly with an assortment of interior renovation projects.

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  • The Benefits of Using Reclaimed Roof Tiles

    Reclaimed roof tiles are tiles that have been utilised before in previous construction projects and have since been salvaged for use elsewhere. Their quality is not diminished by their second-hand nature, however, as the composition of the tiles are durable, firm, and have the potential to last hundreds of years.

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