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  • New Year, New Room: Decorating Your Living Room Using Reclaimed Furniture

    Cheer yourself up this dark and dreary January by undertaking a style underhaul in your living room!

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  • Reclaimed Materials - The Perfect Gift this Christmas?

    Are you wanting to gift something a little different to your loved ones this year? Cawarden Brick & Tile Co have compiled a list of some of our favourite reclaimed materials, ranging from sleek fireplace accessories to reclaimed post boxes, to offer gift suggestions that your recipient certainly won’t be expecting.

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  • The Benefits of Reclaimed Furniture

    Reclaimed furniture is furniture which has been constructed using salvaged materials, such as timber, bricks, or railway sleepers. Also known as upcycled furniture, reclaimed furniture can absolutely transform the look of your home, offering unique pieces for your interior that cannot be bought from anywhere else. There are numerous benefits to installing reclaimed furniture pieces into your home, and Cawarden Brick & Tile Co have compiled just a few below to help aid your forthcoming furniture choices and design projects.

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  • Creating DIY Christmas Decorations Using Reclaimed Materials

    Here at Cawarden Brick & Tile Company, we wholly advocate the utilisation of reclaimed materials when it comes to producing DIY Christmas decorations. As reclaimed material enthusiasts, we believe that the process of crafting DIY Christmas decorations can be enjoyed by all ages. Below, we have collated four decorative ideas for your family to get their teeth into as you celebrate the festive season this year.

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  • Why Every Home Should Have a Reclaimed Fireplace

    As the unseasonably warm summer melts into the brisk chill of autumn, there is truly nothing better than curling up by the fire with a hot drink and a loved one. If you are considering installing a fireplace to help ease those colder days, why not think about purchasing a reclaimed fireplace? Not only do they look striking, but they are practical and will help to ensure that your property is combatting the cold throughout autumn and winter.

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  • Using Reclaimed Railway Sleepers in the Garden

    Railway sleepers are an increasingly favoured choice for budding gardeners to deck out their back garden. As their name suggests, railways sleepers were originally used as support for the rails in railway tracks. The reason for their popularity within gardens nationwide is due to their rugged yet striking appearance and their toughened, versatile nature. Having been built to withstand all forms of weather and general wear-and-tear, reclaimed railway sleepers could absolutely enhance the enjoyment of your garden.

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  • 4 Artists Who Use Reclaimed Materials in Their Work

    Here at Cawarden, we wholly encourage the exploration of reclaimed materials, whether that be within the home or for exterior projects. Below, Cawarden Brick & Tile co. have listed four artists whose practices revolve entirely around the use of reclaimed materials.

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  • How to Use Reclaimed Materials in the Home

    Reclaimed materials are an excellent source of interior design inspiration for those that wish to remain environmentally conscious without compromising on a stylish outcome. The popularity of reclaimed materials, described as materials which have been salvaged from other building projects or items that have been reused and modified for use in a new building project, grow with every passing year.

    Below, Cawarden Brick & Tile Co. Limited have highlighted five rooms in which reclaimed materials could find a fitting home.

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  • Decorating Your Garden Using Reclaimed Chimney Pots

    If you’re keen to discover unconventional ways to decorate your garden this autumn, why not take a look at utilising reclaimed chimney pots? These old pots can become really stunning garden features, due to their atypical designs and vintage aesthetics. Below, Cawarden Brick & Tile Co. has offered four uses for reclaimed chimney pots that are sure to please the garden designer in you.

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  • 4 Simple Ways to use Reclaimed Wood in the Kitchen

    Nowadays, it is all the rage to incorporate reclaimed materials into your kitchen improvement project. And of course, the benefits are plentiful; you are getting a unique feature to your kitchen that looks sleek and stylish at little cost. For that extra rustic touch, Cawarden Brick & Tile Company would wholly recommend using reclaimed wood within your project. Repurposed wood adds character and can be sustainably sourced, making it an environmentally friendly option that is durable and versatile. Below, Cawarden Brick & Tile Company have listed 4 simple ways that you could utilise reclaimed wood with your kitchen redecoration project.

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