A beaming testimonial

Dear Cawarden reclaim (and especially Sean),

I just wanted to make sure that I thanked you for the excellent service and commitment the team displayed in my recent purchase from you. I came to you originally for tiles, but had mentioned to Sean, when he took us round the yard, that an existing supplier had failed to deliver some very important pieces of seasoned oak that I needed for my project. The length and section I needed was not readily available from most sawmills I spoke to - and when Sean showed me that you had the wood available I was very happy.... He gave me a very clear and concise explanation of potential cost and how it could be a problem to cut what i wanted without wastage, but that he would do his best. Sean then said he could guarantee that the wood got to us by friday in order that I had no downtime on the project (so I was already impressed at this point).

On Friday, the tiles arrived, but for some reason the wood hadn't been loaded onto the lorry. Sean then personally delivered the pieces of timber the same day even though it probably played havoc with his schedule. I wanted to make sure that his stellar performance was recognised.

Please convey my thanks to Sean and Ian (who talked me through the tiles) for their help and great service.

Yours Sincerely,

Mike Edgar

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