Building an Effective and Beautiful Patio with Reclaimed Brick

A patio is the place to host memorable summer BBQs, spend romantic nights under the stars, or have fun with the family chasing fireflies. One simple yet effective way you can create your own outdoor leisure and entertainment space is by using reclaimed bricks.

By doing this, you will be building a sustainable patio that will not only help you create a beautiful and innovative pattern, but you also will be doing your bit for the environment. And, you will be amazed how affordable it is to use reclaimed bricks to create a stunning and visually-appealing patio.

Select an area in your garden that is easily accessible from your house. The area should be flat, or have a gentle slope away from the house, in order to facilitate drainage if necessary. If there are mature trees in the area, you would need to plan around them, as the roots may pose a hindrance while you are levelling the surface.

Shape and Size
After identifying the area, the next step is deciding the shape and size of the patio. Reclaimed bricks are available in different sizes, and it is best to choose bricks of varying sizes and colours to create a dramatic effect, as well to minimise the need for cutting the bricks. A square or rectangular shape is easier than creating a round patio.

Preparing the Site
You will need to dig up the ground to accommodate the thickness of the bricks, as well as about two to three inches of sand that will form the base under the bricks. You also can dig a deeper trench along the periphery of the patio where you can stand the bricks to create a unique border.

Why Opt for Reclaimed Bricks
Treated wood and asphalt are known to release toxins, thereby polluting the environment, and wood is not always necessarily a sustainable resource. On the other hand, reclaimed bricks offer a more natural way to build a patio, and do not cause flooding or saturation of the ground.

Recycled bricks are available in an array of sizes and colours, so you can be creative while building your patio. It will allow you to give your patio a unique look that will be different from all other patios in the neighbourhood.

We here at Cawarden Reclaim are the largest stockholders of reclaimed bricks in the UK, and boast of having more than 1 million bricks at any point in time. Regardless of the shape and size of your patio, you will be able to find the perfect reclaimed bricks.

Our skilled and knowledgeable staff are always ready to offer valuable advice and inputs to help make your decision easier. Contact us today to find out how you can create a beautiful and stunning patio using our large selection of reclaimed bricks.

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