Cawarden Reclaims Vital Materials From Local Derelict School

It’s always sad to see such well-established and memorable buildings disappear from the local landscape – but here at Cawarden Reclaim, we’ve recently managed to turn this into an enormous positive. Continuing our goals with reclaimed products, we’ve turned a disused and long empty local school into useful and reusable building materials.

Having recently ventured into the process of demolition of period and historic buildings, we were called on to tackle St John’s Church school, near Walsall. The school, which had been empty for around 20 years, stood on Lichfield Road in Walsall Wood. Any local residents reading will remember that, while the building has always been a part of the local area, it’s boarded up windows and its aging façade did little to help the community.

You can see some of the photos of the building, taken prior to demolition, below – while not structurally sound, almost all of the building’s materials are useful and salvageable.

Derelict School
Derelict School

After approximately three weeks of solid demolition work, the talented team here at Cawarden managed to safely and effectively deconstruct the building. Utilising our expertise of reclamation, we also managed to reclaim 90% of the building’s materials; from tiles and stones to brickwork, anything which was salvageable and in a usable state was saved.

Rather than simply housing a derelict school building, the area can move on and begin to grow where the school once stood. A local housing development firm, Cameron Homes, have bought the land which it will use to build new housing for local residents, ensuring that the land is used for the benefit of the local community and help the area grow.

For specific details about the wealth of materials we were able to salvage, or any of our other reclaimed building materials, don’t hesitate to browse our website, call us on 01889 574066 or visit our reclamation yard direct – just head to our contact page for details on how to find us.

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