Eco-Friendly Garden Design Tips: The Way to a Greener Garden

From colour association alone, we likely consider our gardens as green as can be already. However a slightly more scrupulous eye will no doubt reveal there are many areas of our gardens that can be improved upon with a little care and attention, turning them into true environmental paradises. Of course, it’s always easier to get these big factors in at the design stage, so whether you’re starting from scratch or are considering having a significant overhaul, here are our tips for a cleaner, greener garden!


If you’re clever, you can create a garden that actually allows you to make effective use of rainwater, meaning you can save and reduce the amount you need from your home for general maintenance. Think about where you’re planting; if there’s the opportunity to do so, plant low, and this way your garden will natural collect rainwater. Similarly, you can cover a barrel and use that to collect rain water too!


When planning where your flower beds and features are going to go, remember the most eco-friendly gardens encourage wildlife. You should be able to plan for this, so read up on the type of plants you’re planting, consider locations for birdfeeders or tables and ensure those areas will get enough sunlight to attract birds, and squirrels, creating a natural home for them on your property!


Consider growing your own food in your garden. With plenty of choice, and the ease at which it can be done, you’ll see environmental benefits both in the garden and in the kitchen! You’ll want to cordon off a specific area for this in your design layout, somewhere positioned appropriately to get enough warmth and sunlight, and also protected from potential wildlife or pests!


If you’re considering installing a garden building, a pond or any similar such structure, can you use sustainable materials? This is where we at Cawarden can help, as we can, of course, supply you with a range of beautiful, quality reclaimed bricks – a sustainable solution for anything you might want to build in the garden, ensuring you’re environmentally friendly through and through!

And it doesn't stop there. Whether you're landscaping, or paving, or trying out something different within your garden, there are almost always materials that can help you be that little bit greener! Our reclaimed green or blue limestone, Yorkstone and Staffordshire blue paviors that come in a standard plain or an intricate diamond are all ideal for any paving job you're about to undertake. With so much choice, there's no reason not to opt for the sustainable alternative. Similarly, we stock some enormously practical, great looking reclaimed railway sleepers, ideal for creating steps, planters or experiementing with your landscaping!

Follow these easy steps to a greener garden and if whether you’re looking at a practical garden building, some planters or even if you’re about to build an entire house, Cawarden Reclaim can supply the unique aesthetic of reclaimed bricks! Give us a call today to find out more!  

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