How to Create a Beautiful Reclaimed Brick Feature Wall

Reclaimed brick can be used in an array of circumstances, as we’ve highlighted in this blog before. With so many different options, whether it’s entire builds, roofing, ornamental features or anything else that you wish to look unique and bespoke, knowing what to do with your new found design material might be a little overwhelming. One great example many are infusing into their homes these days is a reclaimed brick feature wall – something that looks disarmingly stylish, can add wealth of worth to any home and that isn’t difficult to do. Here then is our handy guide on things to look for when putting one together yourself!


First of all of course, you’ll need to think about where exactly you’re going to put this feature wall. Many build them out from existing planes of the home, although turning a pre-existing wall into a feature is also possible though considerably more work. Think about how the change in material could affect the lighting and the feel of the entire room and experiment with different positions to ascertain which would work best with what you’re trying to achieve.

Choose Brick Type Carefully

Of course, you’re not limited to one type of brick with reclaimed material, and with many different shades and types about; try to get a feel of the general tone you’d like to go for – light or dark, plush conventional red or a perhaps a washed out grey. Think about how this will work with the other design stylistics of the room!

Use Contrast

One popular method for implementing a feature wall is to leverage the already-palpable sense of contrast the wall will likely create. A rustic and traditional looking wall in amongst a crisp white modern home will look striking undoubtedly. Are you trying to achieve vast contrast, or do you want everything to sit together amicably?

Consider a Focal Ornamental Piece

Especially in traditionally designed homes, ornamental pieces such as fireplaces work incredibly well with the reclaimed brick aesthetic, and increase the idea of the ‘feature’ wall, adorning the bespoke and eye-catching material with yet an overt centre piece as well.


Of course, natural lighting will play a significant role in the overall visual, though evening and artificial lighting also leaves plenty of room to add a unique, elegant looking over tone. Light dynamics often play well when they originate in close proximity to the brick itself!

If you’ve put together your own reclaimed brick feature wall using our tips, why not send your efforts over to us; we may even feature them on the site! For all your reclaimed brick requirements, drop in and see us at Cawarden Reclaim today!

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