How to Make a Unique and Characteristic Garden Planter from Reclaimed Brick

We’ve spoken many times before about the effectiveness of reclaimed brick when it comes to turning a garden or even an interior into an eye catching and aesthetically unique visual delight. Indeed, it’s extremely difficult to elsewhere capture that natural, weathered ambience that is routinely achieved by the many variations of reclaimed brick we supply here at Cawarden. As such then, we thought we might offer up some pointers on how to put the brick to use, and get that garden looking great. Here’s our step by step guide to creating a beautiful looking garden planter.

A Stacking Start

First of all then, stack up your bricks and build the shape of your planter just by popping the bricks on top of each other. This will allow you to experiment, see what works and what doesn’t and find a suitable location. Once you’re done with this, take the test build apart carefully, placing the bricks in order so you may memorize it as you attach them permanently.


You’ll need some good mortar to get the planter to hold together, so mix an adequate amount until it is spreadable, but retains a degree of thickness; think ice cream, not slushy. Mortar can quite often stain the area around it, if it leaks or gets spilt it can be a pain to remove, so lay down a plastic cover to keep your surrounding concrete safe.

Lay Low

Next it’s time to make like a chicken and start laying. Begin setting down the bottom layer and applying an inch of mortar to the sides of your bricks. Remember the style you chose and to place them carefully back into position in accordance with how you want the planter to look. Keep adding layers, pressing each into position and adding on the mortar.

Caps Your Lot

We find brick capping works well here and can make an ordinary planter look pretty special if you choose the right bricks. Apply your final layer with this extra capping layer in mind, and you’re done! Leave the mortar to set, and when you come back, carefully clean the brick down with a wire brush taking off any protruding, excess mortar.

You’ll want to leave it to properly set before you add in the soil and plants, but there you have it; four easy steps to a great looking reclaimed brick planter for your garden! Here at Cawarden Reclaim, we can supply all the reclaimed bricks you need, for a project just like this, a bigger DIY task, or a huge commercial development! Give us a call to find out more today!

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