Modern and Stylish Interiors? Try Reclaimed Brick

Thinking outside the box when it comes to home interior design can sometimes be difficult. We often look at our homes, and our rooms and simply think, what else could I do!? Short of winning the lottery and having the money to completely deck out the place in diamond encrusted comfort, what answer is there to create great looking, individual interiors at affordable prices? An excellent question no doubt, because the answer is, of course reclaimed brick!?

Whilst that may not sound like the revelation you were hoping for, hold on just a second and hear us out, because the range of people utilizing the truly unique and distinguished look of this specific material is growing steadily throughout the UK – but why!? Retro.

The retro, or traditional look is currently utilized in many homes via different means. From Victorian style sideboards to old English patterning and furniture, almost every dwelling these days features some token aspects of previous live. So what can reclaimed bricks do for the movement? Of course, many traditional stylings featured in homes aren’t part of the structural make up of the home – but with these bricks being available to use in any solid interior fitting, say for example a fireplace, window surround or a wall, you can now add an extra layer of unique visual impact easily!

Of course, the aesthetic this kind of material perpetuates sits perfectly with retro furniture, and offsets the modern-looking areas of the home, adding in variety and individual style to any interior design palette. In this way, reclaimed brick could tie your whole home together, from a design point of view, whilst it’s also, of course, durable and long lasting!

Naturally, reclaimed brick is often used purely as a restorative material, and if you’re rebuilding a complete, solid wall, no matter what kind of property you currently own, this could be the perfect solution!

Reclaimed brick has an innumerable amount of uses, and as such, why not give it a try today! We here at Cawarden supply only the best quality, so give us a call and find out how we can help!

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