Reclaiming the Garden: Design Tips for a Brighter Back Yard

If you’ll excuse our use of the partially American phrase in the title, reclaimed materials are one of the most popular ways to get a specific look and feel for your quaint British garden. They propagate a beautiful, traditional aesthetical overtone, even when used to create more modern structures and focal points. Often, the mix of the two styles makes for a truly individual visual appeal, and allows you to exude your creative flair and personality upon your garden design in ways not previously possible! But how exactly could you put reclaimed materials to the best possible use? Here’re just a few ideas that will help you beautify your garden.


Whilst many don’t give much consideration to the roofs of their homes or their extensions, you’ll be surprised at the far reaching visual effect this small change can have! Reclaimed tiles are widely available and hugely distinctive, so whether you’re considering changing your roof, or you’re thinking about adding the finishing touch to an extension or annex, give it that unique hue and add a touch of the traditional to your home!

Wall Coping

Getting that feature to be the focal point you want it to be, balancing your entire garden in its direction can be tricky. If your centre piece involves a wall of some description, reclaimed wall coping pieces could be the perfect distinguishing accent to give it that final characteristic edge.


Adding in a path or patio in your garden increases the dynamic, cordoning off some areas and putting more emphasis on the comparatively smaller patches of greenery. And what better paving solution than a reclaimed one. With flagstones and other tiles available, you can make a path that’s both visually interesting, design congruent and long lasting!


Traditional planters, from Terracotta urns to cast iron shaped place holders look stunning in the right environment, and are a perfect way to ‘accessorize’ in the garden!


Lastly, why not try building something new. Whether it’s an aforementioned wall, or something a little more complicated; whatever you’re creating, doing it with recycled brick will add that rustic appeal and individuality to your space!

All these recycled and reclaimed solutions are available via the Cawarden Reclaim website, so have a browse today and get those creative tides coming in!

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