The Beauty of Oak Wood Flooring

Here at Cawarden, we’re pretty big wood advocates. As far as design, practicality and beauty go, wood for floors and furniture throughout the home can help perpetuate a stunning overall visual; especially when combined with a number of interior products to really punctuate the style. Our new range of oak flooring alone has a host of advantages over alternative flooring, and even if you’re after a different solution; our engineered wood floorboards deliver quality and comfort.

So what exactly are the advantages of oakwood flooring, we hear you cry? Conveniently, the answers are below!


Oak is incomparably durable, and when it comes to flooring, you need something that’s going to last you a long time, and be robust enough to stay strong, good looking and functional through the ravages of high footfall. As the material itself has been used for centuries as a material for all sorts of construction work, it is undoubtedly a credible sturdy candidate.

Colour Enriching

Like a fine wine, oak flooring improves with age, and whilst, when it comes to trees, you often expect such a process to take hundreds of years; in fact after just two, you’ll notice the colour becomes richer and deeper. It’s one of the few options that visually improves the longer you have it.

Grains and Style

Of course, wood’s one big downfall is that there is no opportunity for patterns, bright colours or any sort of real design. Fortunately, our oak solutions can help alleviate this, as the expansive range of grains available is sure contain a colour or shade that perfectly suits your living space! With stains and colouring also available it is, by all accounts, the best of both worlds.


The material’s age-old usage has given its inclusion in homes everywhere a certain sense of luxury; it’s bursting with style, yet remains sophisticated, functional and practical at the same time. This is why it works well in modern, period-style homes, and in almost any room throughout the house!

We’re constantly trying to bring you the best solutions; delivering only the best materials for you to utilize in your home. We believe that oak is one of the most advantageous types of flooring around, and with other 30 types, a huge range of colours, styles and grains to choose from and our team on hand for help and advice, give us a call today, or call into our show room for more!

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