The Call for Sustainable Materials in 2013

Period English buildings become fewer and further between every year it seems, and whilst there are many preservation rules and regulations in place, they do little to quell the fear that our heritage may, one day soon, fade away entirely. Of course, reclaimed brick is one way to help invigorate the range of period buildings, meaning once they’re felled or rebuilt, they can retain character and continue to sit comfortably within their environment, without jutting out like a sore appendage. The use of reclaimed brick, however, isn’t merely useful for this single, sought after visual hook. No, the material is significantly, environmentally beneficial! But how!?

Essentially, reclaiming bricks is like recycling bricks; it is the act of using one particular material again, for another use or purpose, or in a different situation. Therein, even when the bricks themselves are damaged, recycling to create new is a more eco-friendly process than simply making new from scratch, as the production of bricks involves firing systems and all sorts of carbon-footprint encumbered machine-based procedures.

Whilst this may seem a simple concept, the effect and repercussions it can yield on the environment as a result are staggering. With housing development on the increase and 60% of global resources accounted for by the construction industry, at this point we must take every opportunity to help turn our projects, big or small, into distinctly green-tinted endeavours that place the environment a top priority throughout. This then can be achieved easily by utilizing reclaimed brick.

As a sustainable material that boosts and maximises the recycling percentage of any construction work, and an element that contributes toward the minimising of materials being wasted or sent to landfill, using reclaimed brick could be the environmental answer to the question everyone will be asking in 2013.

There has never been a louder, more resounding call for sustainable homes. You can do your bit by sourcing your materials from us here at Cawarden. We ensure we consistently stock the largest range of options, and from bricks, to wood flooring, right through to period style fireplaces and garden items, you can contribute toward the recycling percentage today with our truly tried and tested products!

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