Tips for Decorating a Period Home

Here at Cawarden, we specialise in the reclamation of period building products, ensuring we supply a range of the finest looking materials money can buy; from reclaimed brick and roofing tiles to hardwood flooring, to fireplaces and radiators, we’ve got the lot! Of course though, once you’ve constructed a lavish period home, utilizing all the necessary components from our seemingly endless store, you’re going to want to decorate it. Here then are our expert tips on adorning your period home in the kind of garb that’d make a previous-age family feel right at home!


We’ve long been a nation of switched-on palette pickers, it seems, and even the Victorian age offered a range of colours for its interior decorating that appears immensely sophisticated. Typically, period homes sit best with light or pale tertiary colours.

With lighter coloured walls, there is the opportunity to adorn the room with deeper-coloured accessories. A deep red curtain to go with a lighter, pastel-turquoise wall; racing greens to go with a beige, or muted yellow wall etc. Combining these styles will give your period home a real essence of authenticity.


Traditionally, the patterning on garments, walls and furniture throughout the home was rather intricate, with brash shapes, often accented by many more inside and around them to create an elaborate style that is then repeated ad infinitum.

Floral designs, as well as stripes, also complemented the range of typical era patterns, seen on everything from paintings to tea cups. Whilst sometimes these mismatched and overly emphasized patterns would cause for disorientation, used correctly they can add a sense of warmth and comfort to any period room.


Excessive and elaborate; running themes throughout the entire duration of the Victorian era, and the furniture was certainly no exception. Whether you’re looking at fireplaces, arm chairs or dining tables, the emphasis should be on extravagant, as it has been in the past. Replicating that ideal today will most certainly punctate your living space with that traditional, age-old stylistic.

Similarly, the Arts and Crafts style of home décor is one of distinction, utilizing specific, weighty and angular pieces of material, perforated by the use of wooden slats and design features that lighten the pieces. Any such furniture in your home will also contribute to the overall period aesthetic.

Follow these easy steps to get your home looking as traditional as can be, and don’t forget to browse our pages for all the materials you could possibly require, whilst our architectural items page is sure to add something to your visual style!

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