What are Reclaimed Materials?

We thought we’d go back to some basics for this week’s Cawarden blog, by identifying what reclaimed materials actually are, what’s included, what we sell and what you can do with them! Of course, reclaimed materials are essentially recycled materials, and whilst they are often used because of the unique and enrapturing visual they create (especially some of the more irregular furniture pieces) they also offer bountiful environmental and sustainable advantages as well!

Typically speaking though, reclaimed materials aren’t largely altered from their original state. The whole idea of course, is that they’re used just as they were, and whilst cleaning and brushing up always makes a significant difference, we do our best to make sure every inch of the brick or other reclaimed material looks just as it did when it was first used. Again, this retains their aesthetic appeal, and also makes them more ecologically viable – the act of altering or thoroughly recycling materials often creates non eco-friendly by-products.

Whilst the use of reclaimed brick is always growing and increasing, as a whole, a tiny 1% of reclaimed materials currently available for use are put to work in construction projects throughout the UK. Comparatively speaking, the construction industries eco-friendly practises are minimal, and in fact their processes count toward some of the most environmentally damaging in the country. With this in mind, are we missing an opportunity for a huge eco-saving by not using reclaimed bricks?

The versatility of reclaimed materials is extraordinary, with building resources such as bricks and wood offset by things like fireplaces and planters. Here’s a brief basic list, but check out our full range on our pages, or give us a call for more information!

  • Bricks
  • Wood
  • Roofing Tiles
  • Chimney Pots
  • Flooring
  • Doors
  • Beams
  • Reclaimed Yorkstone
  • Flagstones
  • Radiators
  • Garden items
  • Fireplaces

Of course, that list is far from exhaustive, and no matter what you need, we at Cawarden Reclaim can supply. Whether you’re looking for a few hundred thousand reclaimed bricks or wooden beams for a large scale housing development, or need an interesting centre piece such as a fireplace for a home project, we stock it all!

Featured Image Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/torres21/6790873056

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