• Environmental Benefits of Reclamation

    While the environmental benefits of reclaimed items might not be the first reason you decide to go down this route, salvage items are a great choice for their eco-friendliness alone. With modern furniture and construction relying so heavily on mass production, it can be refreshing to source your furniture and building materials more consciously.

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  • A Guide to the Styles of Cast Iron Radiator

    Cast iron radiators are popular for a number of reasons. For starters, they are the best option for those who are looking for a vintage, charming appearance but still want the performance of modern radiators.

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  • The Importance of the Right Door

    A door is something that every home needs in some capacity, whether that is simply the front door in a modern, open-plan house or also the internal doors of a dwelling with many separate rooms. For some people a door is just that - a necessity - but here at Cawarden Brick & Tile Company Limited, we believe it’s far more than that. Continue reading to find out why.

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  • Why Use Special Bricks?

    Special bricks are something that might be uncommon to some and more familiar to others. They are, essentially, a specific category of bricks that help improve the functionality and visual appeal of certain aspects of brickwork. Continue reading

  • A Quick Guide to Quarry Tiles

    Many of us will have already heard of quarry tiles as they are very popular in the interior design community, but you may be wondering just what makes them so special. By name alone they might not sound like much, but they can be a fantastic addition to a space.

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  • How To Upgrade Your Door Furniture

    They say that it’s all in the details, and we all know this is true when it comes to adding the finishing touches to an interior or tweaking your existing space. One thing that we often see left by the wayside, though, is the door furniture. Things like handles, hinges, and locks can sometimes be an afterthought, but they are a great chance to add some unique charm and character, and also go a long way to making your interior more complete.

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  • A Guide to Wood Floor Care

    If you have hardwood floors, you are likely to want to keep them looking at their best at all times. By the sounds of things, perhaps that you have heard from others or from your own experience, this can seem daunting and complex. In actual fact, keeping your wood floors in great condition is much easier than one might think.

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  • The Types of Wall Coping Stones

    Usually used to cap freestanding walls in order to protect them from the weather, but also to provide a visually appealing touch and complement pier caps, wall coping stones can be an important addition. There are, however, a variety of different types of wall coping stones that have been designed to accommodate different requirements.

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  • A Guide to Laying Paving Slabs

    If you’re looking to breathe a new lease of life into your outdoor space, or are looking for a new do-it-yourself project, laying new paving is a great undertaking to consider. Doing this work can help save you money and also give you a strong sense of accomplishment, so we definitely recommend it.

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  • What Fireplace Accessories Do I Need?

    A fireplace can be essential to maintaining a pleasant temperature in the colder months, but there are certain tools that we need to make the most of our fires and keep them safe, clean, and in proper working order. Fireplace accessories don’t have to just be tools, though, they can be stylish and add an extra element of character to your interior.

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