• How to Boost the Value of Your Home with Reclaimed Products

    With the housing market becoming increasingly competitive, it is understandable for homeowners to throw thousands of pounds at their home to attract potential buyers. With the help of reclaimed products and materials, however, the cost of renovating a home needn’t go through the roof. In our latest blog post, we outline some of the most effective ways of increasing the value of a home with reclaimed products.
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  • How Reclaimed Materials Can Help You Achieve The Must-Have Interior Design Trends of 2018

    As the New Year settles in, it may be time to spruce up your home and get it ready for the year ahead. Whether you are considering a complete overhaul of your home or are looking to make one or two neat, little changes, this list of 2018’s hottest interior design trends will help you reinstall some pride into your home. To help you stick to your financial resolutions, Cawarden Brick & Tile Co. have also included a list reclaimed materials that can be used to help you achieve these trends on a budget.
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  • The Benefits of Reclaimed Timber Floorboards

    With their steep, upfront costs and their inability to retain heat, the majority of homeowners tend to be put off of installing timber floorboards into their home. Reclaimed timber floorboards, however, can be purchased for a fraction of new flooring options and offer more benefits to your home than you may think. In their latest blog post, Cawarden Brick & Tile Co. explain why you should ditch your carpet for reclaimed timber floorboards.
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  • How Reclaimed Products Can Make Your Home Ready for Santa

    It’s that time of year when ol’ Saint Nicholas embarks on his worldwide tour, delivering presents and gifts to all the good eggs on his list. To aid Santa’s delivery process this year, be sure to introduce this collection of reclaimed products into your home, brought to you by Cawarden Brick & Tile Co.
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  • The Benefits of Wooden Floor Care Products

    The floor of any home goes through a lot in its lifetime, whether it be kids dropping food on them, plates smashing on them or having muddy footprints trawled across them. When your floor bares the brunt of all these mishaps and misfortunes, it is important to give them care and attention they so desperately need. In their latest blog post, Cawarden Brick & Tile Co. outline the many benefits of wooden floor care products, and how they can help protect, prolong and polish your floor.

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  • Why Should You Use Reclaimed Materials?

    When the time comes to replacing some of our old and weathered products and pieces of furniture, many homeowners would turn to their nearest department store. To save yourself some money and to introduce a more traditional aesthetic into your home, why not swap the department store for some vintage, reclaimed materials? In their latest blog post, Cawarden Brick & Tile Co. outline the many benefits of choosing reclaimed materials over brand new products.
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  • How Wood Reclamation Can Reinvent Your Home

    Wood is typically at the centre of every home. Whether your kitchen boasts a wooden vibe, or your walls, worktops and belongings are all made from wood, this particular material is often the first choice for any homeowner. The popularity of this material does correlate to an increase in prices, however. To capitalise on the quality and appearance of wooden decor without paying through the nose, wood reclamation is a system which provides homeowners with quality products at a fraction of the costs. Cawarden Brick & Tile Co. explain how reclaimed doors, floorboards, skirting boards and other features can reinvent your home.

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  • How To Use Recycled Bricks in Your Home and Garden

    To many homeowners, bricks can appear one dimensional; all they are good for is shaping the outside of your house and putting a roof over your head. Although this use may be their primary use, recycled bricks can also be used to decorate and design your home and garden, and help transform it into a stylish and upscale space. Cawarden Brick & Tile Co. outline a number of different ideas for introducing recycled bricks into your garden and your home.
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  • Why Paving Should Be At The Centre of Your Garden

    There is no greater sense of despondency than slaving away at your garden all summer and then having the rain and the wind coming along to leave all your hard work nowhere to be seen. To avoid this sense of futility once more, swap out your green spaces with stylish and modern reclaimed paving. Cawarden Brick & Tile Co outline the many benefits of opting for paving.

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  • Fireplaces or Log Burners? How To Heat Your Home this Autumn

    It’s the classic tale of old vs new - the old guard versus the young buck. Just as the CDs vs iPods and Blockbusters vs Netflix battles consistently divided opinion, fireplaces and log burners have been at loggerheads for years in a battle to become the most popular way of heating a living room. For the homeowners who are sat firmly on the fence, Cawarden Brick & Tile Co. outline the pros and con's of each system so you can pick a side once and for all.

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