Paving Bricks

As the leading brick specialist in the country, the team at Cawarden are aware that not every customer is looking for the same, standard building outcome. That is why Cawarden’s paving brick range is a great solution for a project that is suitable for something a little different. From colour to cut, Cawarden is proud of its paving brick range, offering options such as red paving bricks or blue maltese cross paving bricks. Listed below is the Cawarden paving bricks range, all of which are perfectly suitable for external paving projects.

Our Collection of Paving Bricks

To redesign your garden and provide a perfect accent to your grass and outdoor space, paving bricks from Cawarden Brick & Tile Company Limited are strong, rustic and great for any garden. We have a collection of paving bricks of all different sizes, shapes and materials to help you achieve your dream garden aesthetic.

Contact Cawarden Brick & Tile Company Limited

At Cawarden, we like to listen to our customers and respond to their building needs. That is why if your requirement is not shown in the list below, you are welcome to contact us directly on 01889 574066. We are confident that we will arrive at your perfect solution.