Fireplace Accessories

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Here at Cawarden in Rugeley, we have a wide range of fireplace accessories for sale to compliment your new or reclaimed fireplace. The ultimate finishing touch to any fireplace, newly installed or otherwise, Cawarden’s stock ensures that you can equip yourselves with the correct tools to maintain a beautiful and stylish fireplace. Listed below, you will find intricately weaved log baskets, brass fireplace fenders, delicate fire screens, rustic coal buckets, and much more. Take a look through our stock today to discover the perfect companion to your new or reclaimed fireplace.

Reclaimed Fireplace Accessories in Rugeley

The team at Cawarden in Rugeley strive to satisfy all of our customers when it comes to offering fireplace accessories, so if you cannot find the product you are looking for listed below, give us a call today on 01889 574066 or use our online form to find out more about our alternative stock options.