Door Furniture

Here at Cawarden Brick & Tile Company Limited, we have an extensive range of antique door furniture to compliment your interiors features. Our products are hand-picked to add an extra sense of personality to your building project and help you to achieve an authentic period look.

The door furniture we have available includes bell pulls, t-hinges, door bolts, door knobs, and everything in between, all crafted from premium materials like brass and nickel. Our collection is also based upon a catalogue from 1886, which is full of character and genuine style.

Door Furniture from Cawarden Brick & Tile Company Limited

You can peruse our selection of products below to find a unique piece of door furniture to add something special to your home, or you can get in touch with us to find out about any other products not currently available on our website. To do so, please call us on 01889 574066 or fill out our simple contact form.